New signing at Dedicated Booking, a KICKASS rock band

Welcome to Celestial Son

Its been 4 years since I welcomed a rock band into Dedicated Booking. Back then I decided to focus on metal acts, but that changed a few weeks ago.

When I received this video and a presentation from Rasmus (Celestial Son) I immidiately got that special feeling that, THIS is it!

I wanted to listen to more from this band and after listening to everything I received, I replied to Rasmus that I was very interested in working with the band.

A few days later, everything was settled and we started preparing all the promotion for their new fantastic album Saturn’s Return, which will be out in September.

Can’t wait for the rest of the world to listen to this masterpiece.


Your sincerely



New Danish act added to Dedicated Booking

Six String Slaughter joins the Dedicated Family.

Today I’m proud to introduce  Six String Slaughter to the family, a danish act which I highly recommend to all of you who like it rough!

Go take a listen & buy their new album, you won’t regret.

Yours sincerely

Miss Dedicated

More Italians welcomed to Dedicated Booking


Italian band from  Treviso,Venice.
Their first album out is Deep from 2013.

Deep is a concept album about drowning, where submerged atmospheres and dilated soundscapes are combined with aggressive and groovish riffs that recall the doom – sludge influences of the band.

Ria: “First time I heard Organic Silver, from the album Deep, I was sold. I love this album & knew that I really wanted to work with these guys. Not my usual favorite genre in metal, but these guys make me listen!”

New signing with Dedicated

HELL:ON is probably the most dynamically developing

Extreme Metal band from Ukraine & I’m very happy to welcome these guys to the Dedicated family.
They will be touring again this fall, so keep an eye out for a concert near YOU!

Welcome to Shores Of Null

Today Dedicated Booking is very proud to be welcoming the Italian band, Shores Of Null.
“I got to know these guys while touring with Saturnus in Italy in January this year & was so impressed. I just knew I had to work with them and make sure that Scandinavia got to know their music.
If you like Amorphis, Katatonia & Opeth you’ll surely love these guys & yet again they still have their own unique approach to the music”.

They’re signed with Candlelight Records and their first album  “Quiescence” came out in march, the video made for the title song has already beeen showed more than 10.000 times in 1 month. These guys are here to stay!

If you wanna be one of the first to see them in Denmark, they will be playing at Dark Mental Festival in Copenhagen May 17th.


/Ria, Dedicated Booking

New international signing for Dedicated

First time I saw these guys was at Black Winter Fest 2013, where I invited them to play, cause I found their music & videos very interesting.
After experiencing them live I new I had to work with them.

The name is Saille and they’re from Belgium.
Symphonic black metal of the best kind. Keep an eye on them and be sure to check them out when they’re playing live at a venue near you!

Myrd, signs with Dedicated Booking



Myrd, danish raw black metal from the deep dirty undergrounds of Copenhagen.
“These guys are truely the best black metal live performers, I’ve seen on danish soil ever”, Ria!

Don’t miss out on these guys, when they enter the stages near you, its always a show to remember!
First show where Myrd & Dedicated joins forces is tomorrow, Friday Feb. 28th at Lygten Station in Copenhagen.

Thyrgrim, new International act signs with Dedicated


Again I’m very happy to announce a new international band in the Dedicated family.
This time its a German band.
Thyrgrim is a very well respected black metal band from Duisburg.
One of the best German black metal bands I’ve heard so far.
I’m looking forward to working with them and hopefully soon be presenting them at a gig near you.


Welcome to Minority Sound!


We bid Minority Sound welcome to the Dedicated family!

Today we present to you the newest international act to join up with us.

Minority Sound is an awesome boom of industrial metal situated in Czech. Rep.

We are looking forward to working with the guys.

Check Minority Sound out here:



Huldre, welcoming a new danish super act

Huldre profil billede
Another awesome band signs with Dedicated Booking.

I’m very happy to introduce Huldre as new member of the “family”
Check them out and give them a “like”
WELCOME guys & dolls :)

Check them out here: