Dedicated Booking is a booking agency devoted to the promotion of metal music primarily from Denmark and Scandinavia. We bring music from the rehearsal room to exactly where it should be – the stage. Our aim is to help bands arrange concerts all over Northern Europe and we are passionate about spreading the sound of Scandinavian metal.

Founded in 2009, Dedicated Booking currently boasts a roster of solid bands with a great deal of collective live experience behind them. Our agency is committed to helping bands get gigs so that they can concentrate on what it’s all about: the music!

Dedicated Booking is run by Ria Rasmussen who takes pride in her dedication to the promotion of metal music. She personally handles all communication with her bands and travels extensively throughout Europe to network and make new contacts. In addition, Ria makes it a priority to attend and assist with all of her bands’ concerts whenever possible.

Dedicated Booking values competence, professionalism and dedication so that bands, venues and audience members get the best possible experience every time!