Shores Of Null

Shores Of Null

ShoresOfNull promo pic 2014

Genre: Melodic Blackened Doom

Shores Of Null is a newborn project assembled by members of Zippo, The Orange Man Theory, Noumeno, Mens Phrenetica, Il Grande Scisma D’Oriente.

Born with the sole aim of exploring the darker side of metal music, absorbing elements of gothic, doom, death and other subgenres,

something distant from the musical approach of their mother bands. Crushing epic riffs and impressive gloomy vocals, combined with dismal lyrics and misty soundscapes.


Quiescence, 2014


Davide Straccione: Vocals

Gabriele Giaccari: Guitar (live backing vocals)

Raffaele Colace: Guitar (live backing vocals)
Matteo Capozucca: Bass

Emiliano Cantiano: Drums